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One Inch Giant was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, by university classmates Gabriel Lugo Méndez (guitars) and Gabriel Ek (drums) in 2009. The Gabriels had some fine riff works going, and they soon started looking for other musicians in order to form a band. After some time Axel Berglund (bass) and Filip Åstrand (vocals) we’re meticulously selected. Songs began to take form and soon six songs were ready for recording.

During a weekend at the end of 2010, the debut album Malva was recorded live. The band played their first show live shortly thereafter. The mastering was done by the legendary Peter In De Betou. In August 2011 Malva was released and was met by positive criticism by reviewers and bloggers worldwide. Many seem to hear influences from Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Alice In Chains and Mastodon, and has predicted a bright future for One Inch Giant – which is to be taken very seriously, prophecies are not to be messed with.

In late 2011 drummer Gabriel Ek left the band and moved back to Finland. His replacement, Jakob Strand, joined the band in early 2012, bringing a new dimension of technicality, speed and diversity to the band.

Whilst writing new songs, the band embarked on a US tour in august 2012, recording the new songs when returning home. The second album, The Great White Beyond, was released in april 2013 on Soulseller Records, and is taking on a more eclectic sound, introducing faster and more progressive elements together with more intricate vocals. The album has been met with great critisicm (check it out). In september 2013 The Great White Beyond was released on LP.

In november 2013 the band embarks on their first european tour.

Lineup (in order of appearance)

Axel Berglund – Bass

Filip Åstrand – Vocals

Gabriel Lugo Méndez – Guitars

Jakob Strand – Drums


Malva, 2011

The Great White Beyond, 2013

Record label

Soulseller Records

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