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Album reviews of TGWB: 9, 8 and 7 out of 10.

It seems that people like the new album! Especially our Norwegian neighbours:

Album Review of TGWB by Metal Hammer Norway

Metal Hammer Norway 9/10
Sweden Rock Magazine 7/10

Rocknytt 8/10

It also seems as though our favourites MetalSucks have had a listen to the album as well. See post here

The album will be available on Spotify tomorrow. If you want a physical copy send an email to mailorder@soulsellerrecords.com!

Album review of TGWB: Some 8-out-of-10s from europe

AARDSCHOK (NL) – 77 / 100 ”Variation is the greatest asset on this adventure! A hearty surprise!”

LORDS OF METAL (NL) – 84 / 100 ”Heavy but tasty! an overall strong impression!”

METAL MIRROR (GER) – 8 / 10 ”Ein leichtfüßiges Album mit einer gelungenen Produktion! Mächtig!”

METAL FACTORY (CH) – 8 / 10 ”Doom/Stoner Metal mit auflockernden Elementen! Sehr gut!”