My Unshaped Form

I’ve been waiting for too long
Though I’m not where I belong

I’m in a place, that’s far from home
And in the shadow’s where I roam

I have been waiting for the day
When my own time is washed away

Freeze it down
And cut it out
Make your crown
Just scream and shout

I am counting all the days
‘Til time is wasted away
And the number of ways
That night is turned into day

And my limbs are turned into clay
And my eyes are going black
It’s the price which I must pay
If I’ll stop and turn my back

Heat it up
And spill it out
An emptied cup
A silent shout

I’ve been waiting for the day
When my time is washed away
Believe me when I say

You’ll sit upon your throne
With your skin peeled
In silence you’ll moan
Your fate will be sealed